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KBL Insurance is one of the new generation insurance companies in Nigeria with young and dynamic workforce, innovative products and excellent service delivery driven by a robust ICT platform.

It has excellent customer oriented outlook, founded on its brand promise of offering services with care.

The company currently has an authorized share capital of N4. 3 Billion and paid up capital of N3. 586 Billion. It also has reinsurance treaties with renowned local and international re-insurers.

To become the Company best known for providing insurance protection for every home and business in Nigeria.

We provide innovative risk management solutions that bring comfort.

  • Teamwork – We work together to ensure our commitments to internal and external stakeholders are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Empathy – We will always place ourselves in the shoes of the person we are dealing with.
  • Professionalism – We display superior expertise and integrity in all our actions.
  • Innovation – We will be known for creating new products and processes that delight the users and are cost-effective.
  • Customer centricity – We place the genuine needs of our customers first, all the time.

KBL Insurance Limited was  incorporated on January 17, 1994 as Shieldhold Insurance Company Limited and started business the same year as an Underwriter licensed to underwrite both life and non-life insurance businesses.

Following the acquisition of majority shareholding by a group of investors in December 1998, the name of the company was later changed to Guardian Trust Insurance Company Limited (GTI).

Again, during the insurance industry consolidation/recapitalization exercise, former Bank PHB Plc acquired majority shareholding and consequently the name of the company was changed from Guardian Trust Insurance to Insurance PHB Limited on May 19, 2007.

During this recapitalization exercise, the Board of Directors, agreed to concentrate on general businesses and raised the capital of the company to meet the minimum capital required by law to transact general insurance business.

To further reposition for greater efficiency and increased market share, the company has undergone a rebranding process, and changed its name to KBL Insurance Limited on September 4, 2013.









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