Business Insurance

Group Personal Accident

GPA is a group scheme accident insurance policy that provides members of the insured group with 24-hour, all-year-round insurance cover against accident.  The policy pays for: death, permanent disability, temporary disability, and medical expenses resulting from an accident.

Plant all Risks

This provides cover to the insured against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the insured plants. Plant here may include: high capacity generating sets, cranes, boilers and pressure plants, electrical plant.

Contractors All Risks

This policy protects any building or civil engineering project against unforeseen accident resulting in physical damage to or destruction of works-in- progress and works after completion, during the maintenance period and third party liability arising out of the execution of the building or structure.

Professional Indemity

The policy is to protect a professionals such as: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lawyers, engineers, architects, brokers and other professions against legal liability to pay damages to persons who have sustained loss arising from professional negligence or that of their employees in the conduct their business.

Goods in Transit

This policy provides cover for goods against loss/damage or theft whilst in transit by road or inland waterways.  It also covers the goods while loading or unloading, and while being temporarily garaged in the course of the transit.  Two types of cover are available:

a) All Risks Cover pays for loss/damage caused by accident, fire or theft, while
b) Restricted Cover pays for loss/damage caused only by accident.


This policy takes care of legal liabilities of the insured due to the activities of his business (excluding liabilities from products) for bodily injury or death of third parties or loss or damage to their properties.  It also covers the cost of litigation.

Oil and Gas

This provides cover for assets, liabilities and personnel of companies in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas industry. This also includes oil servicing companies and support services.

Marine insurance

a)Cover for Goods: Marine insurance policy provides cover for goods transported by sea from the port/warehouse of embarkation to the port/warehouse of disembarkation. It pays for the goods lost/damaged by accident while in transit.

(b) Cover for Hull: Marine policy also covers ships, boats, or large vessels owned by insured.

Fire and Special Perils Insurance

This product provides cover for business premises against loss or damage to property, injury or death to persons caused by fire and related perils such as flood, storm, tempest, riot and strikes, malicious damage, explosion, burst water pipes.


A Bond is a guarantee issued by KBL Insurance to a Contractor for which the sum insured (an agreed sum of money) will be paid in the event of the contractor’s default.

KBL Insurance issues four types of bonds: Bid/Tender Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Retention bond.