Analysts rank KBL Insurance high in underwriting

The latest research report on ‘Data analytics and the West African insurance circle’ has named KBL Insurance Limited, ‘a major comfort shop for the underwriting service within the territory’, among two others in Nigeria’s insurance industry.

A statement said the report, published in March after three years of painstakingly gathering of data, organised by an East African institute, The Alkaline Specialist Analysts, came up with the ranking using some unusual parameters.

It stated that, “The analysts rated market position, diversification, capitalisation and reserve, management and corporate strategy, branding and advertising as critical and indeed important.

“They however postulated their interest as peculiar, but predicated on some fine parameters, but not limited to ‘the little details, the taken-for-granted, eye for details, the process habits, speed, the informal, personal links and communication with the individual customer in customer care, christened ‘the real spirit of retail marketing.”

“Innate capacity profiling of individual staff of the underwriting firm to identify its rare gift, trained and deployed in optimal exploration of its best abilities, to mention just a few, defined the researchers’ data collections focus at their entry points. KBL Insurance Limited stood tall in the sighted report.”

Credit: Punch Newspaper

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